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Dr Jensen's Nutrition Handbook: A Daily Regimen for Healthy Living

by Dr Bernard Jensen

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[Image: Dr Jensen's Nutrition Handbook: A Daily Regimen for Healthy Living]

Dr Jensen's Nutrition Handbook

This book is written by Dr Bernard Jensen who has 70 years experience in studying foods, healing, and nutrition. It offers a practical step-by-step programme to educate people to meet their nutritional requirements and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

However, the advice presented is more appropriate for those who are healthy, under par, convalescing, or just wanting to prevent ill health rather than those who are suffering from specific conditions or degenerative diseases. Neither does the book take into account biochemical individuality and therefore will meet the needs of many, but not all people.

Dr Jensen shows how the body's biochemistry is affected by the kinds of foods we choose to eat and the importance of our children's nutrition. He believes that ill health derives from inherent weaknesses passed to us from our parents, toxic substances we accumulate in our bodies from environmental pollution etc, and chemical deficiencies due to an inadequate diet or digestive problem. To counteract these he advocates food laws based on a wide variety of quality, organic, wholefoods, high in fibre and alkalizing vegetables and fruits, with a large percentage of raw foods or foods cooked on a very low heat. One of the food laws is to separate starch and protein, which may be advantageous for many, but detrimental for others, particularly those with poor glucose control including diabetics and sufferers of syndrome X and hypoglycaemia.

He lists rules for eating and rules for getting well and provides suggested breakfast, lunch and dinner menus as well as preparation tips. Most of the ingredients seem fairly easy to obtain apart from his recommendations for 'oat straw' and 'shave grass' teas. The section on milk substitute drinks and how to make them is useful for those avoiding cow's milk products. And he makes a good argument for taking nutritional supplements, which is useful if you are unsure of whether to take them or not. His chapter on 'The Four Missing Chemical Elements' referring to calcium, sodium, iodine and silicon may mislead some people, as he feels these nutrients are missing in practically every patient and recommends adding more in the diet or through supplementation. Many of our diets are already high in sodium and calcium and extra could be detrimental to the body, so seek further advice before considering this option.

My favourite chapter in the book is entitled 'The four elimination channels and the lymph drainage system', which I think encompasses Dr Jensen's huge wisdom and knowledge. He gives excellent, specific recommendations for the bowel, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system including foods, drinks, vitamins, minerals and herbs. He follows with recommendations for exercise and a healthy mind to encompass his truly holistic approach to healing.

Finally, he concludes that all worthwhile or complete treatments should include nutrition. He also suggests that without the proper balance of a good variety of nutrient rich foods on a continuing basis good health cannot be achieved and maintained. I wholeheartedly agree with this!

June Butlin
Keats Publishing

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