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Dancing with the Devil - Survival for Healers and Therapists

by David Ashworth

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[Image: Dancing with the Devil - Survival for Healers and Therapists]

This is an unusual book, which I have read with considerable absorption. It addresses important topics of psychic and energy protection for practitioners, consideration of the energy effects upon students of undergoing Reiki training, as well as the consequences for Reiki students of undergoing successive Reiki attunements too quickly, overloading the coping ability of their energy system.

The author is a Reiki Master, Geopathic Stress Investigator, Professional Dowser, who has specialized in helping people with damage to their aura and chakra systems, and rescuing people from entity, spirit or demonic attacks. There are several startling and intriguing photos of such entities published in this book.

David Ashworth's book provides a thorough discussion of healing, the chakras and subtle bodies, energy, Reiki, particularly his recommendations about having fairly long periods between attunements, the degrees of Reiki and choosing a Reiki Master. A fairly lengthy chapter is presented about psychic attack, including forms of attack, entities, auric fragments, trapped spirits, possession, demons. Additionally psychic protection is discussed, including visualization and intent, cleansing and balancing, building a power base, using chakra stones, aura detection and crystal power.

There is a useful bibliography, as well as contact details of relevant organizations.

vSome of the most interesting and valuable aspects of David Ashworth's book are his Case Studies, some of which are quite alarming, as they involve people with damage to their energy systems through psychic attack or possession, presenting usually with quite severe illness.

I am not a healer, Reiki practitioner, nor am I gifted with clairvoyance or Spirit Guides of which I am aware. However, I am somewhat aware of certain disparate elements within the Reiki field surrounding the pace and timing of Reiki training, and feel that the subjects of energy protection and relief from psychic attack are of great general interest to everyone. As for psychic attack, spirit guides, entities, demons and the like, I must adopt an agnostic position. However, as with all other aspects of energy healing, which are not easily translatable into reductionist paradigms, I remain riveted by the positive clinical therapeutic results obtained by the healers and Reiki practitioners and try not to allow my own blind spots or lack of understanding to get in the way.

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Sandra Goodman PhD
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