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Crystals – Strong & Beautiful

by Lettie Vantol

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[Image: Crystals – Strong & Beautiful]

The unique healing properties of crystals have been part of human consciousness for time immemorial and have been used over history by many different cultures to heal, re-balance and aid meditation.

Each of nature’s different crystals or gems has a unique positive energy or vibrational frequency, and it is this energy that interacts with our own energy systems, and helps to us to rebalance and re-connect with ourselves, and to find greater inner peace and calm.

Lettie Vantol’s book Crystals – Strong and Beautiful is a wonderful addition to the literature on crystals, and is a very approachable book that will appeal to those who are new to crystal therapy, those aspiring to be crystal therapists and also to those who already have experience in the field.

It is a very engaging book and is a personal, experiential and inspiring journey into the world of crystals and how they can help us. It is written by someone who has taken that journey herself, and in the book Lettie shares a warm and down to earth account of her personal and professional experience with crystals. What comes across strongly throughout the book is her passion and knowledge for her subject.

Initially the book takes the reader on a journey through Lettie Vantol’s personal and often amusing discovery of crystal therapy; from her initial discovery of the power of crystals through to her teaching work and the establishment of her training college, Vantol College of Crystal Therapy.

Readers are then taken on a brief history of the use of crystals, from the legends of Lemuria and Atlantis, to Biblical references, the story of the Catholic Nun Hildegard Von Bingen and then onto more recent history, including the use of crystals in modern technology.

The main section of the book looks at how crystals can be used for healing, both for oneself and for others, and there is a wealth of information on the many different aspects of crystal therapy. Of particular interest to the aspiring crystal therapist is the section on the transformative power of crystals, in which Lettie looks at what is involved in being a crystal therapist, and echoes what many wise people before her have said – “to be an effective healer, we first need to heal ourselves”.

The book also covers the fundamental question of how crystals help the healing process and Lettie Vantol has some interesting and insightful answers for her readers, including a brief understanding of the human energy system, and how crystals can help you to release energetic blocks within that energy system. A fact, as she points out, with which science is now beginning to catch up. There is also a fascinating section on Crystal Power, in which you discover how to use crystals for protection; from the subtle energies of computers, electrical equipment and from other people’s energies.

You can then find invaluable help and advice on how to choose a crystal for yourself, whether you choose to do so intuitively, mentally or by using a pendulum. All crystals need looking after if they are to maintain there full healing potential and so there is advice on how to look after your crystals, and importantly how not to look after them!

As well as the fundamentals of crystal therapy, Lettie Vantol also presents a wealth of interesting information on subjects such as; using a pendulum and how to get a Yes and a No from your pendulum, making a crystal mandala, crystals and astrology, crystals and religion, and using crystals with animals and in your garden. There is also a useful section on which crystals could form the basis of your crystal first aid kit.

Lettie Vantol has written a wonderful book that, from the wealth of useful information, to the inspiring crystal pictures that you find dotted throughout the book, is a resource that you could come back to time and again.

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