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Crystal Prescriptions - The A-Z guide

by Judy Hall

listed in crystal healing

Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall will appeal to all those who are interested in the ancient art of using the energies of crystals to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being, whether they are experienced crystal healers or beginners in the field. Drawing on her thirty years of experience in the arena of holistic therapies, Judy Hall has created an excellent and much needed handy reference guide that will help you to “match your condition to the crystal that can heal it”. As she says; “it is a first aid guide rather than a crystal healing course, and is based on sound principles that have been practised for millennia”.

The first part of the book provides important information to help those new to the subject to understand the basic principles of energy medicine and crystals in particular. In a simple and easily readable form she takes us through an understanding of the way in which different crystals are formed in the earth and how their unique vibration, mineral constituents and colour can provide gentle, non-invasive healing that supports the bodies own internal healing systems. She also explains in simple terms the principle of doctrine of signature; how the physical makeup and appearance of crystals can provide clues as to the parts of the body with which they particularly resonate.

There is clear information on which type of crystals to use, where to obtain and how to look after them. She explains in detail the different methods that can be used to cleanse and purify crystals before and after use, and offers useful guidance on how to focus and connect with your chosen crystals to get maximum benefit from their energies.

She also helps us to understand the makeup of the human energy system, with simple explanations and diagrams of the chakra points, reminding us of the all important fact that problems in the physical body have their origin in our energetic layers, and that by using the energies of crystals to promote balance in these areas, we can often prevent problems from manifesting at a physical level.

From the perspective of using crystals practically, perhaps the most important sections in the first part of the book are those giving information on how and where to place crystals on the body, how to create a crystal elixir and how to use dowsing to make your final selection from those crystals indicated in the directory section of the book.

In these sections Judy provides helpful diagrams of simple crystal placements that can be used to help rebalance the chakras, soothe headaches, help with insomnia etc. She also provides information on how to create an elixir from a crystal and explains that in some cases the energy of a crystal can be more effective when taken internally in the form of an elixir or essence.

The section on dowsing is particularly helpful as it gives clear instructions on how to use two methods of dowsing; pendulum dowsing and finger dowsing. Dowsing is a helpful and empowering tool as it provides a medium by which we can access the body’s own innate intelligence and wisdom always available from our Soul, as well as information from the logical mind. Judy Hall’s suggestions on how to dowse the underlying causes of your problem and to identify the crystals that will help to promote the necessary healing are particularly helpful for those who want to explore deeper within themselves.

The second section of the book is a comprehensive A-Z directory of common ailments and symptoms, physical, emotional or mental, together with a list of the most helpful stones for these states. More than 1,200 entries are included in the directory, ranging from Addictions and Alzheimer’s to Toothache and Warts. In most cases, several crystals are listed under each entry with the most important being underlined; however readers are also encouraged to dowse or intuit for themselves the stones that will particularly help them from those listed, as we are each individuals with our own unique energetic makeup.

You do not need to have a large expensive collection of crystals to be able to use the information in this book effectively. Since we are often drawn quite unconsciously to the crystals that we need for our own healing, you may well find that you have some of those mentioned already in your collection. If not, a few inexpensive tumbled stones from your local crystal shop will be enough to get you started.

For those more experienced in the field of crystal healing this handy directory will make an excellent companion for Judy Hall’s best selling The Crystal Bible.

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