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Asthma-Free Naturally: Everything you Need to Know to Take Control of your Asthma

by Patrick McKeown MA H Dip (Buteyko Clinic of Moscow)

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[Image: Asthma-Free Naturally: Everything you Need to Know to Take Control of your Asthma]

The first quote in the book states, “without mastering breathing, nothing can be mastered”, which in itself is an apt description of the book’s intention. One of the strongest impressions made on me is that the author writes from self-experience. Patrick McKeown describes his own personal story of how he overcame lifelong asthma by using the Buteyko Method. His story is a powerful one, for it charts the path of many looking to find a solution to an ever growing epidemic.

The real value of McKeown’s experience has been successfully translated into a book that concisely guides the reader through a clear and highly readable explanation of the relationship between breathing and Asthma. The book’s strength is that it is not limited to a theoretical understanding of the Buteyko Method. The reader can engage with a logical progression of steps to: 1. First understand Asthma, and then, 2. Recognize the breathing connection, and 3. Correct the overbreathing habits that are explained to be the physiological cause.

Supporting chapters on diet and physical exercise encourage healthy living and help the reader to connect healthy breathing with an active, balanced, natural lifestyle. Orthodox medication is clearly explained from the view that as your asthma improves through learning Buteyko, your reliance on inhalers naturally decreases. The chapter How is your breathing? is an excellent guide for the reader to learn important self management techniques. With an emphasis on safety and common sense, the Buteyko exercises are explained with an understanding and clarity only gained by one who has mastered the subject matter; the attention to detail has a depth acquired only by rigorous application of the techniques. McKeown often uses his own experience and those of his clients to illustrate the learning process involved, and you feel reassured he has been there, suffered, found an answer and is now helping others do the same.

I have worked as a Buteyko practitioner for six years and would recommend this book to anyone suffering with Asthma. As someone who learnt the Buteyko Method for my own Asthma and then trained to teach others, I feel a strong affinity with McKeown’s work. The book has successfully distilled the often misrepresented Buteyko Method into an accessible, user-friendly self help ‘manual’ and reference. The section on How to help Children and Teenagers is especially useful for families with Asthma and the emphasis on the parents, as well as the children, learning to breathe well addresses an important consideration.

Patrick McKeown has written a valuable book. I believe that readers affected by Asthma, as well as fellow Buteyko Practitioners, will recognize the author as an expert in the Buteyko Method who understands the language of education, engagement and encouragement.

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