Research Updates: aromatherapy

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  1. Issue 192

    MICKIENE and COLLEAGUES, Department of Food Safety and Animal Hygiene, Veterinary Academy of Lithuanian University of Health Science, Kaunas, Lithuania. evaluates the antimicrobial activity of ess1


  2. Issue 188

    BRADEN and COLLEAGUES,  United Hospital, St Paul, MN, USA investigated whether the essential oil lavandin is more effective than standard care in reducing preoperative anxiety.


  3. Issue 176

    PENG and COLLEAGUES,  Department of Psychiatry, Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital, Dalin, Chiayi, Taiwan studied the effect of listening to soft music or inhaling the essential oil Citrus bergamia upon autonomic nervous system activity.


  4. Issue 166

    VAN DER WATT and JANKA,  School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Western Australia, Perth WA, Australia reviewed the literature (25 references) regarding the use of Aromatherapy for the treatment of  anxiety and depress1


  5. Issue 164

    HOWARD and HUGHES, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland conducted a study to attempt to establish whether lavender aroma and/or expectancies affect post-stress relaxation.


  6. Issue 160

    TAKEDA and COLLEAGUES, Department of Physiology, Hyogo College of Medicine, Hyogo, Japan. Evaluated the effects of aromatherapy body treatment in healthy individuals.


  7. Issue 157

    GONCHAROV, Russia researched the clinical efficacy of aromatic oils for massage in children.


  8. Issue 106

    ANDERSON and GROSS, Department of Perioperative Nursing, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, 06030-2015, USA,, have found that aromatherapy with peppermint is equally effective in relievin1


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