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  1. Issue 231

    MOYNIHAN and KELLY, (1)WHO Collaborating Centre for Nutrition and Oral Health, Centre for Oral Health Research, Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University, UK.


  2. Issue 212

    OZER and COLLEAGUES, Ondokuz Mayis University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Paediatric Dentistry, Samsun, Turkey conducted a study to identify certain factors that influence the development of ECC among children in Samsun, Turkey.


  3. Issue 211

    ZILINSKAS and COLLEAGUES, STOMATOLOGIJA Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal, Kaunas, Lithuania evaluated the antioxidant effects of Traumeel S on peripheral blood neutrophils in patients with periodontitis.


  4. Issue 205

    ELKHOULI, Oral Medicine and Periodontology Department, Faculty of Dentistry, October 6 University, Cairo, Egypt. amrelkhouli@hotmail.comĀ  evaluated the efficacy of systemic administration of omega-3 1


  5. Issue 190

    FOSTER and READMAN, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Western Australia provides an overview of dental conditions that commonly affect individuals competing in all levels of sport.


  6. Issue 158

    SCARBOROUGH and colleagues, Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 45056, USA. , have found that the gag reflex can be altered via a palm pressure point.


  7. Issue 150

    CHAPPLE and co-workers, Periodontal Research Group, University of Birmingham, School of Dentistry, St. Chads Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6NN, UK,, have found that inflammation of the 1


  8. Issue 49

    SCHERER and colleagues, New York University College of Dentistry, NY USA conducted an examiner-blinded, parallel-group clinical trial to study the ability of an herbal mouthrinse to reduce gingival bleeding .


  9. Issue 49

    KAIM and colleagues, College of Dentistry, New York University, New York USA studied the antimicrobial activity of one prescription and two commercially available over-the-counter mouthrinses,1


  10. Issue 49

    GULTZ and colleagues, College of Dentistry, New York University, New York USA determined and compared the antimicrobial effectiveness of 3 commercial mouthrinses and a water control.


  11. Issue 49

    ESTAFAN and colleagues, College of Dentistry, New York University, New York USA compared the efficacy of 2 commercially available toothpastes, Herbal Toothpaste and Gum Therapy and Colgate


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