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ZURIN and COLLEAGUES, Integrative Healthcare Group & Rehabilitation Center, Honolulu, HI 96814, USA. provided a preliminary outcome evaluation of the Comprehensive Pain Program (CPP) that was developed in Hawai'i to treat chronic pain patients.


The CPP is a biopsychosocial intervention designed to interrupt the pattern of social isolation and to minimize pain-related depression that contributes to reduced quality of life, poor function, and increased utilization of resources.


The CPP consists of a comprehensive pre-treatment screening process and a 12-week Intensive Out patient Program (IOP). Primary elements of the IOP include group psychotherapy, acupuncture, mind/body training, and therapeutic movement, thirty-five participants from a total of five cohorts completed the IOP (i.e., three sessions a week, each lasting three hours for a 12-week period).


The CPP demonstrated success in six outcome areas: 1) utilization of healthcare resources, 2) functional capacity, 3) quality of life, and 4) psychological functioning, such as somatization, depression, and anxiety Post-treatment, patients demonstrated statistically significant decreases in somatization, depression, and anxiety, and statistically significant improvement in quality of life. Patient outcomes further showed substantial improvements with regards to functional capacity, as well as significant decreases in the utilization of healthcare resources.


The preliminary evaluation of the CPP suggests additional studies with a larger sample size and comparison groups are warranted to further evaluate critical components of the treatment regimen, clinical outcome, and cost-effectiveness.


Zunin ID, Orenstein S, Chang M and Cho S. Comprehensive Pain Program outcomes evaluation: a preliminary study in Hawai'i. Hawaii Medical Journal. 68 (7): 158-61 Aug 2009.

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