Research: XING and LONG,

Listed in Issue 139


XING and LONG, School of Community Health, Science/Social Care, University of Salford, Greater Manchester M6 6PU, UK, have surveyed patients at an acupuncture clinic.


The aim of this study was to collect information on patients and their acupuncture treatment at a University Acupuncture Clinic.


A retrospective survey was undertaken at the University of Salford Teaching Acupuncture Clinic. A postal questionnaire, exploring patient satisfaction and experience with the treatment and clinic, was sent to all persons who had attended the clinic between September 2001 and 2002.


84 (76%) of 110 patients returned the questionnaire. Nearly all (88%) gained symptom relief and about half made changes to their lifestyle. No-one reported any negative effects. More than 90% were satisfied with the treatment given, student practitioners and supervisors, although there were mixed views about the supervisor’s role. The study is one of the first studies to explore the satisfaction and experiences in a teaching clinical setting.


Further research is needed to provide more in-depth insight into the patient experience and effects of acupuncture in this setting and to explore their experience and effects as the treatment unfolds, and over the longer term.


Xing M, Long AF. A retrospective survey of patients at the University of Salford Acupuncture Clinic. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 12 (1): 64-71, Feb 2006.

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