Research: WHITE et al., D

Listed in Issue 84


WHITE et al., Department of Complementary Medicine, School of Sport and Health Services, Exeter, UK,, make consensus recommendations for optimal treatment, controls and blinding in clinical trials of acupuncture.


Acupuncture has been shown to be effective for the treatment of nausea and dental pain, and promising for migraine and osteoarthritis of the knee. For many other conditions the evidence is either insufficient or negative.


The authors discuss the reasons that misleading results may arise, such as inadequate treatment schedules and inappropriate control interventions.


The authors make a number of recommendations which aim to improve the quality of sham-controlled acupuncture studies.



White AR, Filshie J, Cummings TM. Clinical trials of acupuncture: consensus recommendations for optimal treatment, sham controls and blinding. Complementary Therapies in Medicine 9(4): 237-245, Dec 2001.

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