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Listed in Issue 82


WHITE and coworkers, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK,, took part in the development of an information leaflet on acupuncture .


Patients have the right to be fully informed of the likely risks of any treatment. Such information on acupuncture is available following publication of the results of two prospective surveys.


A standard Information Leaflet on acupuncture was developed by consensus between the three largest UK professional bodies.


The Leaflet may be used as a form for written consent of patients. It is also intended to stimulate discussion of the risks associated with acupuncture.


An Information Leaflet on the risks of acupuncture fulfils a need of the profession as well as of patients.


White A et al. Informed consent for acupuncture – an information leaflet developed by consensus. Acupuncture in Medicine 19 (2): 123-9. Dec 2001.

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