Research: WESTERVELD and colleagues

Listed in Issue 22


WESTERVELD and colleagues, Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, University Hospital Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands write that imbalances between oxidant formation and antioxidative defense are association with several chronic respiratory tract inflammatory disorders, suggesting that oxidative stress plays a role in chronic upper airway tract infections.



Samples of inflamed mucosal biopsy specimens were obtained from 9 patients with chronic sinusitis; normal samples were collected from 10 healthy controls. Levels of reduced glutathione, oxidised glutathione, uric acid and vitamin E were determined biochemically.


Compared with the controls, there was a significant reduction of reduced glutathione and uric acid levels in patients with chronic sinusitis. There were no difference in oxidised glutathione or vitamin E levels between the groups.


Decreased levels of glutathione and uric acid in patients with chronic sinusitis lead to diminished antioxidant defense, which may be associated with the pathogenesis of upper respiratory tract disorders.


Westerveld GJ et al. Antioxidant levels in the nasal mucosa of patients with chronic sinusitis and healthy controls. Arch Otolaryngol Head

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