Research: WANG, Shandan County H

Listed in Issue 37


WANG, Shandan County Hospital of TCM, Gansu Province, China describes the combined treatment of gonococcal arthritis using acupuncture, garlic moxibustion, pricking blood, cupping and drawing hydrarthrus.



116 cases of gonococcal arthritis were treated. Dazhui (Du 14), Quchi (LI 11)and Zusanli (St 36) points were selected, in addition to points along the meridian which were needled by the affected joint.


Of the 116 cases, 74 were cured, 13 were markedly improved, 11 improved and 11 failed. The total effective rate was 84.5%



Wang K. 116 cases of gonococcal arthritis treated with acupuncture. J Tradit Chin Med 16(2): 108-11. Jun 1996.


Although research published regarding the treatment of osteoarthritis using acupuncture may be flawed, it is clear from these clinical studies in China that practitioners achieve a high rate of cure using a variety of acupuncture methods. These studies may not be clinical trials, but they are bona fide case studies documenting effective treatment.

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