Research: WALTON-HADLOCK, Parkin

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WALTON-HADLOCK, Parkinsons Recovery Project, Santa Cruz, California 95060 USA discusses the hypothesis based upon an acupuncture channel theory regarding the cause of Parkinsons disease (PD) .




and Discussion: A system of Yin-type Tuina, termed forceless spontaneous response (FSR) evolved from this theory, and its clinical application has resulted in varying degrees of relief from symptoms of PD, including tremor, rigidity, decreased dyskinesia, improved balance, circulation, regarding of the stage of the disease. In several cases, a reduction of conventional medication was enabled. In this article, the author includes basic instruction in the technique and a discussion of the dyskinesia which occurs during restoration of Qi to the Large Intestine and Stomach channels during treatment. The author provides a case study which chronicles the weekly changes in the symptoms typically experienced by patients during FSR therapy.



Walton-Hadlock J. Primary Parkinsons disease: the use of Tuina and acupuncture in accord with an evolving hypothesis of its cause from the perspective of Chinese traditional medicine Part 2. American Journal of Acupuncture 27(1-2): 31-49. 1999.

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