Research: VOJDANI and ERDE have described Regulatory T-cells,

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VOJDANI and ERDE have described Regulatory T-cells, a type of white blood cells potentially important in allergy.

Abstract: Regulatory T cells maintain dominant control of immune responses to foreign materials and microbes. Appropriate Regulatory T cell suppression of immune responses is essential for the maintenance of efficacious defensive responses and the limitation of collateral tissue damage due to excess inflammation. Allergy and infection are well-studied and frequent afflictions in which Regulatory T cells play an essential role. As such, they provide excellent models to communicate the significance and relevance of Regulatory T cells to complementary and alternative medicine.






Vojdani A, Erde J. Regulatory T Cells, a Potent Immunoregulatory Target for CAM Researchers: Modulating Allergic and Infectious Disease Pathology (II). Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine: eCAM 3 (2): 209-215, June 2006

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