Research: ULLMAN,

Listed in Issue 92


ULLMAN, Homeopathic Educational Services, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA,, reviews (43 references) clinical trials on the homeopathic treatments of people with HIV or AIDS.


Homeopathy uses nanopharmacologic and ultramolecular doses of medicines to strengthen a person's immune system rather than directly attacking the infectious agent. This paper reviews the literature for placebo-controlled trials of homeopathic medicines for the treatment of people with AIDS and HIV infection, considers a different theoretical and methodological approach to treating people with HIV.


Medline and nonindexed homeopathic journals were searched for placebo-controlled trials of homeopathic medicines in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.


5 controlled clinical trials were identified. A double-blinded placebo controlled study on 50 asymptomatic HIV positive subjects and 50 subjects with persistent generalized lymphadenopathy provided individualized single-remedy homeopathic treatment. Two randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials were found studying a total of 77 people with AIDS who used only natural therapies over a period of 8 to 16 weeks. Two other studies were conducted over a 2.5 year period with 27 subjects in an open-label format. The first study found no statistically significant improvement in CD4 T-lymphocytes but did find statistically significant pretest and posttest results in subjects with persistent generalized lymphadenopathy in CD4 (p = 0.008) and CD8 (p = 0.04) counts. The second group of studies found specific physical, immunological, neurological, metabolic and quality of life benefits, including improvements in lymphocyte counts and functions and reduction in HIV viral load.


Homeopathy may play a useful role as an adjunctive and/or alternative therapy, especially in people with drug-resistant HIV infection taking structured treatment interruptions.


Ullman D. Controlled clinical trials evaluating the homeopathic treatment of people with human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 9 (1): 133-141, Feb 2003.

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