Research: TANG and COLLEAGUES,

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TANG and COLLEAGUES, China, conducted a randomized trial to compare the clinical efficacy between shujing massage therapy and medication with estazolam upon insomnia.


To compare the differences in the clinical efficacy on insomnia between shujing massage therapy and medication with estazolam.


Eighty patients of insomnia were randomized into a shujing mass age therapy group (40 cases) and a medication group (40 cases). In the shujing massage therapy group, the spreading massage manipulation was applied along the running course of the gallbladder meridian of foot-shaoyang on the temporal area. The pressing and kneading manipulation was done at Yangbai (GB 14), Benshen (GB 13), Toulinqi (GB 15), Zhengying (GB 17), Chengling (GB 18), Shuaigu (GB 8), and Fengchi (GB 20), etc, 1 min at each acupoint. In the medication group, 1 mg estazolam was taken orally half an hour before sleep. The treatment was given once every day in the two groups. After the continuous treatment for 1 month, every dimensional score and the total score in the Pittsburgh sleep quality index scale (PSQI) and the clinical efficacy were evaluated between the two groups.


After the intervention, the each item score of PSQI was improved as compared with that before treatment in the patients of the two groups (all P<0. 05). The differences in sleep time and the time for falling into sleep were not significant between the two groups (both P>0. 05). In the shujing massage therapy group, the scores of sleep quality, sleep efficiency, sleep disturbance and daytime dysfunction, as well as the total score were all lower than those in the medication group (all P<0. 05). The total effective rate was 92. 1% (35/38) in the shujing massage group and was 84. 2% (32/38) in the medication group, indicating the significant difference (P<0. 05).


Shujing massage therapy achieves the superior efficacy on insomnia compared with the oral administration of estazolam.


Tang H, Chen Z, Pang J, Mo Q. [Treatment of insomnia with shujing massage therapy: a randomized controlled trial]. [Article in Chinese] Zhongguo Zhen Jiu. 35(8):816-8. Aug 2015.


The above research emanating from China demonstrated that shujing massage therapy achieved superior results on sleep quality, sleep efficiency, sleep disturbance and daytime dysfunction compared with medication with estazolam.

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