Research: SUNIC and co-workers,

Listed in Issue 90


SUNIC and co-workers, Children's Hospital Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, evaluated the efficacy of biofeedback therapy for chronic constipation in children.


Chronic constipation is a common disorder in childhood, but nothing is known about the underlying mechanisms. Conventional methods of treatment often fail. It has been suggested that biofeedback may be an effective treatment, but the results in the literature are variable. Here biofeedback has been compared to conventional treatment.


49 children aged around 8 with idiopathic chronic constipation were recruited. 24 were allocated to conventional therapy, and 25 to biofeedback therapy. Treatment was carried out for three months. Data on colonic function and detailed histories of bowel function and symptoms were collected before and after treatment.


After 3 months of treatment, the biofeedback group showed significantly improved bowel function as compared to the control group on conventional treatment.


Biofeedback is an effective treatment for chronic constipation in children in the short term.


Sunic OM, Mihanovic M, Bilic A, Jurcic D, Restek-Petrovic B, Maric N, Dujsin M, Bilic A. Efficiency of biofeedback therapy for chronic constipation in children. Collegium antropologicum 26 Suppl: 93-101, Dec 2002.

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