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SUN, Nanjing College for Population Administrators, China studied the anti-obesity effects of acupuncture and influence upon water and salt metabolism.



The author studied in 75 patients with simple obesity (12 people with oedema, 33 without oedema) the changes in symptoms and signs, obesity indices, blood sodium, blood potassium, and mOsm of plasma and urinary aldosterone prior to and following acupuncture treatment.


The total effective rate of anti-obesity treatment for one month was 89.3% . Prior to acupuncture, blood sodium and aldosterone levels of the patients with oedema were significantly higher than in normal individuals or those patients with oedema however blood potassium and mOsm of plasma of the patients with oedema were significantly lower than normal individuals or patients without oedema. Following acupuncture treatment, concentrations of blood sodium and aldosterone decreased considerably and blood potassium and mOsm of plasma increased significantly in the patients with oedema.


This study demonstrated that acupuncture treatment had not only a good anti-obesity effect, but that acupuncture improved water and salt metabolism of obese patients by regulation of nervous system and body fluid .


Sun F. The anti-obesity effect of acupuncture and its influence on water and salt metabolism. Chen Tzu Yen Chiu. 21 (2): 19-24. 1996.

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