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SUDAN reports that extremely low frequencies ranging from 1-1.Hz, imprinted in water (imprinting was performed by succussing a glass containing the water) resulted in the total abrogation (disappearance) of a facial seborrhoeic dermatitis . This has been proposed as a visible model for the theory of "memory of water". This technique provides a new perspective regarding the enigma of homoeopathy and the treatment of allergic diseases and possibly other inflammatory reactions. Sudan BJ. Total abrogation of facial seborrhoeic dermatitis with extremely low-frequency (1-1.1 Hz) "imprinted" water is not allergen or hapten dependent: a new visible model for homoeopathy. Med Hypotheses 48(6): 477-9. Jun 1997 .







The debate about homoeopathy rages on. This is certain not to be the last word on the subject.

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