Research: STAGER

Listed in Issue 189


STAGER writes about the important, empowering effects that the massage practitioner can bring to the birth process of women in labour.


For many women, the essential ingredients for a safe and satisfying birth include a sense of empowerment and success in coping with or transcending the experience, in addition to having solid, positive encouragement from a support companion.


The massage practitioner can enhance these ingredients by adding knowledgeable, caring touch which can decrease pain, increase relaxation, speed labour, and reduce medical interventions.


Serving women in labour, witnessing a baby's birth, and positively influencing a mother's responsiveness to her infant are unique and powerful opportunities. Being invited to serve in this capacity indicates that you have skill in helping a woman feel at ease.


Keep in mind that your presence and loving touch may have a deeper impact on your client than you even realize, as your presence will forever be a part of her and her child's birth story.


Stager L. Supporting women during labor and birth. Midwifery Today with International Midwife. (92):12-5. Winter 2009-2010.

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