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Listed in Issue 68


SHANG, Department of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA 30303-3033, USA,, reviewed (90 references) evidence and theories on cellular growth control mechanisms and their possible relationship to acupuncture points .


A theory published a decade ago, the Morphogenetic Singularity Theory, postulated that: cellular growth control systems present in the embryo (and preserved after embryogenesis) guide the development and maintenance of all physiological systems ; the evolutionary origin of the growth control system probably preceded all other physiological systems and its genetic blueprint may have been the 'template' from which the later systems evolved; a growth control system originates from a network of 'organizing centres' containing under-differentiated cells; organising centres have high electrical conductance and a high density of [intercellular] gap junctions and represent 'singular points' in a 'morphogen' gradient [morphogen = an agent that directs cellular growth and differentiation] and bioelectric field . Bioelectric fields have been shown to interact with morphogens to guide growth control [i.e. cellular differentiation and the development and maintenance of physiological systems].




The available evidence supporting the morphogenetic singularity theory has broad implications for biomedical science. ~


Shang C. Electrophysiology of growth control and acupuncture. Life Sciences 68 (12): 1333-42. Feb 2001.

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