Research: ROGERS and others,

Listed in Issue 151


ROGERS and others, Sound for Healing Institute, Henderson, NV, USA, have carried out a pilot study of a CBT programme incorporating guided imagery, electrical stimulation, and sound.


The aim of this pilot study was to examine the use of guided visualizations that incorporate both cognitive and behavioural techniques with vibroacoustic therapy and cranial electrotherapy stimulation to form a multi-component therapeutic approach.


This multi-component approach to cognitive-behavioral therapy was used to treat patients presenting with a range of symptoms including anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties. Clients completed a pre- and post-session symptom severity scale and CBT skills practice survey. The program consisted of 16 guided visualizations incorporating CBT techniques that were accompanied by vibroacoustic therapy and cranial electrotherapy stimulation.


Significant reduction in symptom severity was observed in pre- and post-session scores for anxiety symptoms, relationship difficulties, and depressive symptoms. The majority of the clients (88%) reported use of CBT techniques learned in the guided visualizations at least once per week outside of the sessions.


This rather complicated sounding programme appears to have some success. Further, more rigorous study is necessary.


Rogers DR, Ei S, Rogers KR, Cross CL. Evaluation of a multi-component approach to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) using guided visualizations, cranial electrotherapy stimulation, and vibroacoustic sound. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 13 (2): 95-101, May 2007.

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