Research: REILLY, Glasgow Homoeopathic

Listed in Issue 82


REILLY, Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland,, reviewed (8 references) recent studies showing evidence for effectiveness of homeopathic medicines.


Conceptual and scientific clashes make it difficult for orthodox Western medicine to accept homeopathy. However in recent years there has been a renaissance of interest in the approach. Approximately 20% of Scottish GPs have completed basic training. Homeopathy uses microdoses of potential toxins to provoke self-regulatory responses. This hints at its clinical scope: it can help, at times resolve, conditions that are intrinsically reversible rather than mechanical problems, deficiencies, or irreversible breakdowns in the body’s functions.





Reilly D. The puzzle of homeopathy. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 7 (Suppl 1): S103-9. 2001.

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