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QUANT and COLLEAGUES, 1. a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee , Milwaukee , Wisconsin , USA; 2. b Loras College , Dubuque , Iowa , USA investigated group hypnotizability and hypnotic inductions in inpatient adolescents.


This study investigated group hypnotizability in 167 adolescents (ages 13-17) in an inpatient behavioural healthcare setting through use of the Waterloo-Stanford Group Scale, Form C. It also investigated the influence of hypnotic inductions on group hypnotizability.


Adolescents were randomly assigned to either a group session of hypnosis (n = 84) with a hypnotic induction or a comparison "no-induction" group (n = 83) that received identical suggestions without a hypnotic induction. Adolescents' imaginative absorption and dissociation were measured to examine their influence on hypnotizability.


A between-group comparison showed the induction condition had a significantly higher score than the no-induction group on both behavioral and subjective measures of hypnotizability.



Quant M1, Schilder S2, Sapp M1, Zhang B1, Baskin T1, Arndt LR1. Group Hypnotizability Of Inpatient Adolescents. Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 65(1):18-31. Jan-Mar 2017.

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