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POURESMAIL and IBRAHIMZADEH, Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Tehran, Iran, describe the effects of acupressure and ibuprofen on the severity of primary dysmenorrhoea.


The aim of this randomized controlled trial was to compare the effects of acupressure using a new combination of acupoints, with Ibuprofen on the severity of primary dysmenorrhoea.


216 female high school students aged 14–18 were randomly divided into three groups. One group received acupressure, the second group Ibuprofen, and the third group a sham acupressure treatment as placebo control.


All three techniques produced a reduction in the severity of pain. Acupressure and Ibuprofen were similar to each other and significantly better than the sham procedure.


Acupressure, which produces no complications, is recommended as a better choice in the treatment of period pains.


Pouresmail Z, Ibrahimzadeh R. Effects of acupressure and Ibuprofen on the severity of primary dysmenorrhoea. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 22 (3): 205-210, Sep 2002.

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