Research: PHOENIX,

Listed in Issue 145


PHOENIX,, has written a case study of the removal of warts using hypnotherapy.

Abstract: Psychotherapy with adjunctive hypnosis is known to be an effective approach for the treatment of viral warts. There is an increasing clinical and scientific literature that illustrates the successful use of psychotherapeutic treatment with and without hypnosis in the reduction or elimination of viral warts. In this case study the veracious area experienced a 100% reduction in five treatment sessions spanning a total of seven weeks. In this case, psychotherapy with hypnotic treatment relied upon an emphasis on two interventions: reduction of wart area with guided imagery and suggestions for the optimization of the client's immune system functioning. Photos illustrate the client's pre-treatment, mid-treatment, and post-treatment state. Causal factors in the client's recovery cannot be easily isolated but the startling results attest to the efficacy of the overall interventions and treatment context compared to prior medical interventions.






Phoenix SL. Psychotherapeutic intervention for numerous and large viral warts with adjunctive hypnosis: a case study. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 49 (3): 211-218, Jan 2007.

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