Research: PATTERSON and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 29


PATTERSON and colleagues, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle USA write in their review (96 references) that there has been strong anecdotal support from case reports regarding the use of hypnosis for treating pain from severe burn injuries, but that controlled studies provide less dramatic but empirically sound support for the use of hypnosis for burn pain. They write that the mechanisms underlying hypnotic analgesia for burn pain are poorly understood as they are with pain in general. It is likely that patients with burn injuries are more receptive to hypnosis than the general population. The authors postulate variables which may account for this enhanced receptivity, including motivation, hypnotisability, dissociation and regression.






Patterson DR et al. Factors predicting hypnotic analgesia in clinical burn pain. Int J Clin Exp Hypn 45(4): 377-95. Oct 1997.

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