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MELHAM and colleagues, Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie Indiana 47304 USA report a clinical case demonstrating the clinical effectiveness of a new form of soft tissue mobilisation for the treatment of excessive connective tissue fibrosis (scar tissue) around an athletes injured ankle.



Scar tissue caused the athlete pain with activity, pain on palpation of the ankle, decreased range of motion and loss of function. Surgery and several months of conventional physical therapy failed to alleviate the athletes symptoms. Augmented soft tissue mobilisation (ASTM) was administered as a final resort. ASTM is an alternative nonsurgical treatment modality being researched at Performance dynamics (Muncip, IN). ASTM uses ergonomically designed instruments which assist therapists in the rapid localisation and effective treatment of areas showing excessive soft tissue fibrosis. This is followed by a stretching and strengthening programme.


Following the completion of 6 weeks of ASTM, the athlete had no pain and had regained full range of motion and function.


This case report demonstrates how ASTM can be used to treat a condition caused by connective tissue fibrosis.


Melham TJ et al Chronic ankle pain and fibrosis successfully treated with a new noninvasive augmented soft tissue mobilization technique (ASTM): a case report. Med Sci Sports Exerc 30(6): 801-4 Jun 1998.

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