Research: MANTYRANTA and colleagues

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MANTYRANTA and colleagues, Department of Public Health, University of Helsinki, Finland. studied the use of alternative treatments for the menopause in Finland.



The authors conducted a population-based survey in 1989 among 2000 Finnish women aged 45-64. The response rate was 86%.


11% of the women reported using alternative treatments for the menopause, food supplements and bee products the most common products cited . Users of alternative treatments differed little from other women with regard to health habits and use of health care services. Common characteristics were urban residence, greater than 9 years of general education, and among 50-54 year olds, the use of prescription or over the counter drugs for the menopause. Greater than half of the users of alternative treatments had also used hormone therapy.


: Women using alternative treatments during and after the menopause represent a large group. More information is needed regarding the clinical effects of alternative treatments.


Mantyranta T et al. Alternative drug use for the climacteric in Finland. Maturitas 27(1): 5-11. May 1997.


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