Research: LIPCHIK and NASH,

Listed in Issue 88


LIPCHIK and NASH, St. Vincent Rehabilitation Services, 3413 Cherry Street, Erie, PA 16508, USA,, review (63 references) cognitive-behavioural issues in the treatment of chronic headache.


Chronic daily headache is a heterogenous group of daily or near-daily headaches that affects about 5% of the general population and accounts for 35% to 40% of patients in headache clinics.



Drug or cognitive-behavioural therapies alone have minimal impact on the frequency or severity of headaches. However combined drug and cognitive-behavioural therapy shows promise in benefiting this often otherwise intractable condition. Cognitive-behavioural therapy focuses on preventing mild pain from becoming disabling pain, improving headache-related disability, affective distress, and quality of life, and on reducing overreliance on medication. For this therapy to be effective, it is important to address complicating factors including medication overuse, psychiatric co-morbidity, stress, poor coping skills, and sleep disturbances.



Lipchik GL, Nash JM. Cognitive-behavioral issues in the treatment and management of chronic daily headache. Current Pain and Headache Reports 6 (6): 473-479, Dec 2002.

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