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KOLASA, Centre for Pharmacoeconomics, University of Warsaw. conducted a systematic review of cost of illness studies to estimate the average annual cost of MS patient and its breakdown.


In Poland, a data on MS costs is lacking. The systematic review of cost of illness studies was conducted to estimate the average annual cost of MS patient and its breakdown.


The PubMed database was searched for relevant literature. Following search criteria were used: “multiple sclerosis", "costs", "cost of illness" and "disease burden". Articles written in English including total costs published 2002-2012 were included. In total 17 studies were classified. The costs were re-calculated into USD Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The available approach from the literature was used for the cost breakdown presentation.


The average patient was 47 years old with EDSS equals 4 and 13 years from the date of diagnosis. The average annual cost was 41 133 US$ PPP. The direct costs did not exceed 70% of total costs in any study. The pharmaceutical expenses were one of the most important contributors to the direct costs. Only 40% of patients were active on the labor market what translated into the loss of productivity and consequently an increase in total costs.


The preformed systematic review revealed that multiple sclerosis imposes a huge economic burden on the healthcare system and society. It happens due to productivity loss and caregiver burden.


Kolasa K. How much is the cost of multiple sclerosis--systematic literature review. Przegl Epidemiol. 67(1):75-9, 157-60. 2013. [Article in English, Polish]

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