Research: KLEPSER and colleagues,

Listed in Issue 52


KLEPSER and colleagues, Division of Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy, University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, Iowa City 52242 USA evaluated the demographics and beliefs regarding safety and efficacy of herbal therapy among people in Iowa, and assessed their willingness to discuss the use of these products with health care providers .



The authors distributed 1300 surveys to two random samples: patients attending eight clinics, and to residents of the state via the post. Data were categorized according to herb use and compared between users and nonusers. The response rate was 61% (794 people), with 41.6% of respondents reporting herb use. Users of herbs were predominantly women of higher education, with a high use of prescription drugs. Users rated safety and efficacy of herbs higher than nonusers; however both groups believed that health care providers should be more aware of herbal use and should provide this information.




Klepser TB et al. Assessment of patients' perceptions and beliefs regarding herbal therapies. Pharmacotherapy 20(1): 83-7. Jan 2000.

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