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KERR and colleagues, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada examined the use of music to increase the effectiveness of a cognitive reframing intervention in reducing anxiety and modifying/restructuring affect [mood, emotions and/or motivation].


Affective [emotional, mood and motivational] processes are critical to understanding and promoting lasting therapeutic change .


In this randomized, controlled clinical trial, 40 anxious subjects were assigned to either a typical reframing intervention or a music-assisted reframing intervention . Subjects were assessed for anxiety reduction, affective modification and imagery vividness using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, the Subjective Units of Distress Scale, the Depression Adjective Checklist and a Think-Aloud measure.


Music-assisted reframing appeared to be more efficacious than the typical reframing intervention in reducing anxiety, modifying affect and promoting imagery vividness .



Kerr T et al. Emotional change processes in music-assisted reframing. Journal of Music Therapy 38 (3): 193-211. 2001.

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