Research: KEEFE and others,

Listed in Issue 117


KEEFE and others, Duke University Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry, Durham, NC 27705, USA,, have reviewed (119 references) psychological approaches to the understanding and treatment of disease-related pain. Abstract: Psychologists are increasingly involved in the assessment and treatment of disease-related pain such as pain secondary to arthritis or cancer. This review provides a conceptual background on this area that discusses the limitations of the biomedical model of disease-related pain and traces the evolution of psychosocial theories of pain. In a second section, special issues and challenges involved in working with persons having disease-related pain are discussed, including the resistance of some clients to psychological approaches to their pain. Section three provides an overview of psychosocial research conducted on arthritis pain and cancer pain that addresses both psychosocial factors related to pain and psychosocial interventions for pain management. The final section addresses important future directions.






Keefe FJ, Abernethy AP, C Campbell L. Psychological approaches to understanding and treating disease-related pain. Annual Review of Psychology 56: 601-630, 2005.

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