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KAIL, Naturopathic Family Care, Phoenix, AZ, USA,, used a diagnostic and treatment protocol of electrodermal screening in allergy patients .



90 patients with a diagnosis of allergy or sensitivity were treated with electrodermal screening. Treatment was continued to an endpoint chosen as normalisation of electrodermal conductivity at specific acupuncture points. An Allergy Symptom Severity Index was developed to measure outcome.


A statistically significant change in pre- and post treatment measurements was observed . 87.2% of patients rated the efficacy of the treatment as good or excellent. Evaluation at up to three years post treatment still showed excellent results, suggesting excellent longevity of the treatment. 48% of patients experienced an initial exacerbation of symptoms lasting on average 10 hours. No serious long-term adverse effects could be detected.


Electrodermal screening appears to be an effective, long-lasting, and economical treatment for allergy across all gender and age groups.


Kail K. Clinical outcomes of a diagnostic and treatment protocol in allergy/sensitivity patients. Alternative Medicine Review 6 (2): 188-202, Apr 2001.


Electrodermal screening for allergy diagnosis and treatment is often criticized by the medical profession. The above clinical results are exceptionally positive, lasting even up to the 3-year follow-up. Greater respect by the medical community for such methods for allergy treatment is genuinely warranted.

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