Research: JIN and colleagues, Ob

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JIN and colleagues, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China studied the analgesia efficacy of drugs combined with acupuncture to treat pain for women in labour.



: 462 normal pregnancy women were observed. Several pain relief methods were used during the latent phase in labour, including acupuncture, analgesia, analgesics, magnetotherapy, auricular acupressure and TENS combined with dihydroetorphine. The intrauterine pressure and the peripheral content of beta-EP were measured during labour; experiments of SEPS were also performed on healthy adults to demonstrate the efficacy of these pain relief methods.


The combination of drugs with acupuncture was an excellent method for painless labour without any complications. All mothers and babies were safe, with an effectiveness was 97.5%.


These data demonstrate that the mechanism of pain relief efficacy needs to regulate the incoordinate uterine action and improve the hypertonic uterine status, but also decrease the pain threshold and elevate the tolerance of uterine contractions during labour.


Jin Y et al. Clinical study on painless labor under drugs combined with acupuncture analgesia. Chen Tzu Yen Chiu 21(30: 9-17. 1996.

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