Research: HUNTLEY,

Listed in Issue 129


HUNTLEY, Complementary Medicine, Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, Exeter, UK, has reviewed (40 references) the evidence for CAM therapies in MS.




Abstract: The role of complementary and alternative medicine for the management of MS symptoms lies in palliative care: this is borne out by the popularity of such therapies among people with MS. This article describes some of the major complementary and alternative therapies used to treat MS symptoms and whether their use is supported by evidence from randomized controlled trials. For the vast majority of complementary and alternative regimens researched, there are only one or two trials per therapy. Thus, it is difficult to recommend any specific modality. Several trials have investigated linoleic acid and its derivatives, magnetic field therapy and cannabis extracts. All three approaches appear to be of use in ameliorating MS symptoms but more research is needed. Other issues that should be considered by MS patients when taking a complementary or alternative therapy are discussed.



Huntley A. A review of the evidence for efficacy of complementary and alternative medicines in MS. International Ms Journal 13 (1): 5-12, 4, Jan 2006.

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