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HELMS, Office of Continuing Medical Education, University of California- Los Angeles School of Medicine USA describes the theoretical structure and clinical value of the emerging discipline of medical acupuncture, the approach most commonly integrated by physicians into their conventional medical practice .




Medical acupuncture respects contemporary understanding of neuromuscular anatomy and pain physiology while embracing the classical Chinese perception of a subtle circulation network of the force called qi . The hybrid acupuncture approach expresses the best of two worlds by describing a context whereby patients symptoms may be organised, which could frequently escape attention using standard medical evaluation. Musculoskeletal problems have been shown to be the most frequently and successfully disorders treated with acupuncture; however medical acupuncture is adaptable to the majority of clinical practices and may be used either as the primary or a complementary treatment. The physician acupuncturist can creatively intervene in a spectrum of medical disorders ranging from early premorbid symptoms to chronic organic or musculoskeletal conditions by activating the appropriate subunit of qi circulation.



Helms JM. An overview of medical acupuncture. Altern Ther Health Med . 4(3): 35-45. May 1998.

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