Research: HE and COLLEAGUES,

Listed in Issue 176


HE and COLLEAGUES, Department of TCM, The People's Hospital of Shanxi Province, Taiyuan, China. researched the effects of Tuina in the treatment of eczema in infants.


To access the therapeutic effect of Tuina for treatment of infants eczema.


Two hundred and forty children with eczema were randomly divided into a Tuina group and a medication group, 120 cases in each group. The Tuina group was treated with Tuina on ten points using the thumb and middle finger, and the medication group was treated with oral administration of Chlorpheniramine and topical application of zinc oxide ointment or Youzhuoer ointment, etc. The therapeutic effects were evaluated after 3 weeks.


The cured-markedly effective rate and total effective rate were 94.2% and 99.2% in the Tuina group and 98.0% and 100.0% in the medication group, respectively, the therapeutic effects were similar in the two groups (both P>0.05); 6 months after treatment, the recurrence rate of 3.8% in the Tuina group was significantly lower than 42.9% in the medication group (P<0.01), and there were no adverse reactions in the whole research process.


Tuina on ten points for treatment of infants eczema has unequivocal short-term effect, a stable long-term effect, and low recurrence rate.


He YH, Kang J and Liu GZ. [Observation on short and long-term effects of Tuina for treatment of infants eczema]. [Chinese]. Zhongguo Zhenjiu. 29(8):655-7. Aug 2009.

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