Research: GOTTSEGEN Department of Pediatrics,

Listed in Issue 194


GOTTSEGEN Department of Pediatrics, Baystate Medical Center Tufts University, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. discusses hypnotic approaches for functional abdominal pain.


Chronic abdominal pain is a common paediatric condition affecting 20% of the paediatric population worldwide. Most children with this disorder are found to have no specific organic aetiology and are given the diagnosis of functional abdominal pain.


Well-designed clinical trials have found hypnotherapy and guided imagery to be the most efficacious treatments for this condition.


Hypnotic techniques used for other somatic symptoms are easily adaptable for use with functional abdominal pain. The author discusses 2 contrasting hypnotic approaches to functional abdominal pain and provides implications for further research.


These approaches may provide new insights into this common and complex disorder.


Gottsegen D. Hypnosis for functional abdominal pain. Source American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. 54(1):56-69, 2011 Jul.

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