Research: GALLAGHER et al.,

Listed in Issue 85


GALLAGHER et al., Department of Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson 85721—0068, USA, investigate the six-months relapse rate among women treated with acupuncture for depression.


Conventional treatments for major depression, although reasonably effective, leave many patients without lasting relief . It is therefore desirable to explore alternative treatments that may provide more long-lasting improvement .


Randomized controlled double-blinded trial of eight weeks of acupuncture treatment of 38 women with depression . 26 women were interviewed at six months follow-up .


17 women had achieved full remission at the end of treatment ; of these, 4 (24%) suffered a relapse within six months .


Compared to other empirically validated treatments for depression, acupuncture designed to address depression produces results that are comparable in terms of rates of response and relapse . The results suggest that a larger study of acupuncture in the acute and maintenance phase of major depression is warranted .


Gallagher SM, Allen JJ, Hitt SK, Schnyer RN, Manber R. Six-month depression relapse rates among women treated with acupuncture. Complementary Therapies in Medicine 9(4): 216-218, Dec 2001.

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