Research: FREEDMAN,

Listed in Issue 85


FREEDMAN,, carried out an audit of 500 acupuncture patients in general practice .



An audit of 500 patients receiving acupuncture in a general practice. The clinic is run twice a week and funded by the practice . Short treatment courses are favoured but modulated according to patient need. The commonest conditions treated are neck pain, low back pain, shoulder problems, hayfever, knee osteoarthritis, and migraine .


An overall improvement of 73% was obtained, with 61% classified as 'significant' or 'cure' . The most worrying adverse effects encountered have been retained needles and forgotten patients, and this has led to appropriate changes in practice.



Freedman J. An audit of 500 acupuncture patients in general practice. Acupuncture in Medicine 20 (1): 30-34, Mar 2002.

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