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FILAKOVIC and COLLEAGUES, School of Medicine Osijek, University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer, 31000 Osijek, Croatia. Review (85 refs) the immune and therapeutic factors underlying depressive and dermatologic disorders


Depressive disorders are more common in the population affected with dermatologic disorders. Comorbidity of depression and dermatologic disorders is around 30%. The correlation between depressive and dermatologic disorders still remains unclear.


In psychodermatology three disorders are described: a) psychophysiological disorders (both disorders induced and maintained by stressors), b) secondary psychiatric disorders (mental disorder as a result of skin lesions and treatment) and c) primary psychiatric disorders (skin alterations as a result of mental disorders and treatment).


In depression and dermatology disorders certain precipitating factors are required, thereby causing alteration of the patient's immunological identity, causing a combination of hereditary features and ones acquired through adaptation which occur to cause the disorder to develop. The cytokines are vital in the regulation of the immunology response and are also mediators of non-infective inflammatory processes, leading to recurrent hormonal secretion, affecting the function of the vegetative and central nervous system leading to so called 'sickness behaviour', marked by loss of appetite, anhedonia, anxiety, decrease of concentration and interest along with other changes which generate a picture of depressive disorder. Treatment of depressive and dermatologic disorders is complex and requires an integral therapeutic approach encompassing all aspects of both disorders and their comorbidity.


Therefore therapeutic success lies in a team approach to the patient under the auspice of consultative-liaison psychiatry by setting the frame for efficient collaboration and bridging the gap between the mental and the physical in everyday clinical practice. [References: 85]


Filakovic P, Petek A, Koic O, Radanovic-Grguric L and Degmecic D. Comorbidity of depressive and dermatologic disorders - therapeutic aspects. [Review] [85 refs]. Psychiatria Danubina. 21(3): 401-10 Sep 2009.

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