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Listed in Issue 39


CUMMINGS, Homoeopathic Midwifery Service, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland has published a brief introduction to the principles of homoeopathy and to how homoeopathy can be prescribed safely and effectively for women during pregnancy and birth.





Women may choose to self-prescribe for minor ailments or to seek a practitioner's advice while remaining in control of their health-care decisions. The author provides case studies illustrating women achieving empowerment via homoeopathy and birth through having greater choice and using self-corrective abilities and through relieving distress. Furthermore, midwives learn from mothers; in fact, the increased interest in homoeopathy amongst midwives is due to mothers preferring to avoid chemical or mechanical intervention in birth. Midwives realise that to realistically support the empowerment of women to give birth naturally, mothers require a non-toxic therapeutic approach to relief of distress.


Cummings B. Empowering women: homoeopathy in midwifery practice. Complement Ther Nurs Midwifery 4(1): 13-6 Feb 1998.

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