Research: CHUNG and CHOI,

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CHUNG and CHOI, Department of Nursing, Sunmoon University, Asan, Korea conducted a study was compare the effects of abdominal aroma massage and meridian massage on constipation and stress in college women with functional constipation.



The participants were 38 college women, 18 were in the aroma group and 20 in the meridian group. The aroma massage was given using aroma oil which was a mixture of lemon, lavender, rosemary, and cyprus. The meridian massage was given at 9 accupoints which influence intestinal functions. The treatment was given 5 days a week for 4 weeks. A constipation severity score, weekly defecation frequency, and a stress response score were measured before and every week of 4 weeks of the experiment.


While there was no significant difference between two groups, there was a significant difference within the groups in the constipation severity (aroma group: 1st week, meridian group: except 4th week), defecation frequency (aroma group: 3rd week, meridian group: 2nd and 3rd week), and stress (aroma group: all weeks, meridian group: except 4th week) after different duration of experiment.


Based on these results, both abdominal massages relieved constipation and stress. Resorting to either types of massage will contribute to the reduction of use of stool softeners, suppositories, or enemas.


Chung M and Choi E. [A comparison between effects of aroma massage and meridian massage on constipation and stress in women college students]. [Korean] Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing. 41(1): 26-35. Feb 2011.

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