Research: CHOPRA, Center for Rheuma

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CHOPRA, Center for Rheumatic Diseases, Bharati Hospital, Pune, India. in reviews (22 references) the fundamental principles of Ayurveda. The author describes the ancient classification of arthritis along with comparisons to the modern system. Though the diagnosis is historical and clinical, it is based upon the tridosha hypothesis; Ayurvedic pathogenesis links arthritis to the gut and management consists chiefly of diet and lifestyle changes, panchakarma process and herbal remedies. The author introduces the rasayana concept of immunomodulation.





Clinical ethno-validation of the ancient therapy is required to meet modern requirements and establish an interface with modern medicine.


Chopra A. Ayurvedic medicine and arthritis. Rheumatic Diseases Clinics of North America 26(1): 133-44. Feb 2000.

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