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BUCKLE reviews (96 references) the use and examines the potential role of clinical aromatherapy as a complementary therapy in the care of patients with chronic pain.


Chronic pain affects some 80 million Americans, and the annual cost to national [US] healthcare of chronic pain management is approximately US$70 billion. Aromatherapy has been used increasingly as part of an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to pain management. The therapy is thought to enhance the parasympathetic response through the effects of touch and smell, encouraging relaxation at a deep level. Relaxation has been shown to alter perceptions of pain.





Buckle J. Use of aromatherapy as a complementary treatment for chronic pain. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 5 (5): 42-51. Sep 1999.


Aromatherapy has a huge potential role to play, not only in pain management and relaxation, but also through the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of certain oils, which may once again come into their own when and if antibiotics lose the battle against the Superbugs.

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