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BOSTED and WARNAKULASURIVA, Pain clinic, Western Park Hospital and Department of Oncology, University of Sheffield, Whitham Road, Sheffield,, have surveyed the use of acupuncture by British dentists. Abstract: A small number of fully trained Chinese physicians practise Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in western cities. Use of these services by British citizens is extremely limited. Common situations where British patients seek the help of TCM are when medical therapy has failed; in relapsing chronic diseases like asthma, rheumatoid arthritis; and in pain management (mostly headache, migraine and back pain). Patients often appreciate that only limited interventions are available for treatment of these conditions in western medicine. At least one in 10 UK specialist physicians are actively involved in complementary and alternative medicine treatments. A large number of westerners offer acupuncture but lack basic medical training. It is likely that people are reluctant to use these services largely because of hygiene and safety reasons. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that the serious side effects reported are five times more frequent when treatments are provided by non-medically trained therapists compared with professionally registered health care providers.






Rosted P, Warnakulasuriya S. A survey on the uses of acupuncture by a group of UK dentists. British Dental Journal 198 (3): 139-143, Feb 12, 2005.

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