Research: ANTONI,

Listed in Issue 90


ANTONI, Department of Psychology, University of Miami, PO Box 248185, Coral Gables, FL 33124, USA,, has reviewed (85 references) stress management and psychoneuroimmunology in HIV infection. Abstract: Stress-management techniques such as relaxation training, cognitive restructuring, coping-skills training and interpersonal-skills training, may reduce anxiety, depression, and social isolation in HIV infected individuals by lowering physical tension and increasing a sense of self-efficacy and control. A psychoneuroimmunological model is proposed whereby these psychological changes are accompanied by an increased ability to regulate neuroendocrine function. This in turn may lead to a partial normalization of immune functions such a lymphocyte proliferation and cytotoxicity, and thus provide more efficient surveillance of latent viruses that may contribute to increased HIV replication. Such a normalization of stress-related immune functions is thought to minimize increases in viral load and expression of clinical symptoms. From this model follows a research strategy for testing the effects of stress management interventions by assessing psychological changes in parallel with hormonal, immunological, viral. and clinical parameters over the course of time.






Antoni MH. Stress management and psychoneuroimmunology in HIV infection. CNS Spectrum 8 (1): 40-51, Jan 2003.

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